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A few questions and answers about the blog, Pugsley on Patrol, the amazing Surly Pugsley fat bike and the topic of fat biking in general:

What is Pugsley on Patrol all about?

Pugsley on Patrol is a personal website-come-blog created to allow me to share my passion for fat bikes, fat biking and particularly the Surly Pugsley. I hope to show just how much fun can be had from simply riding a fat bike. It’s as simply as that!

How did you come up with the site title?

The site title came from a combination of two things. The first part, Pugsley, was obviously from the name of the famous Surly Pugsley fat bike itself. The second part came from a post I read about a fellow fat bike enthusiast from Holland who used the word “patrol” in posting title. He was also a policeman. Hence, Pugsley on Patrol.

Please explain what a fat bike is?

A fat bike is essentially a mountain bike with big fat wheels and tyres. It was originally created for in North America for racing on snow in winter but riders also found them ideal for other soft conditions such as beach sand, deserts, soft boggy moorland and the like. A fat bike is basically fun!

Are fat bikes not slow, heavy to ride and expensive?

The big fat tyres do increase rolling resistance, so yes, they can be slow. But what’s the rush? As to weight, yes, they are usually heavier than a standard mountain bike but I would say that the ability to go just about anywhere soon makes up for that. There are also lightweight models available. On the subject of cost, fat bikes are no more expensive than other bikes, just depends on what specification you go for.

Do you ride your fat bike all year round?

Of course! Especially when it snows in the winter. I just love getting up into the local Southern Upland hills on fresh snowfall. Before getting a fat bike my winter riding would tail off a bit but now I just keep pedalling. And wear a warmer jacket!

How did you start riding a fat bike?

I was looking for a new hobby and was actually looking to buy a Landrover but I came across someone riding a fat bike in the dunes at Aberlady Bay. I tracked him down, had a long chat over coffee, had a ride on his bike and was instantly hooked. That was around December 2010. The rider was Bruce Mathieson aka Coastkid of East Lothian fat bike fame! Cheers Bruce.

Did you buy or build your fat bike?

Back in the good old days, i.e. 2010, the only option you had was to buy a frame, source all the components and build it yourself. And that’s what I still do to this day. I much prefer to build rather than buy as I can get the specification exactly as I want.

What part of the world do you come from?

In live in a small ex-mining village on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland. I ride my fat bike on local trails, along the East Lothian coast and in the hills of the Southern Uplands, a few miles to the south.

What tyre pressures do you use?

When I’m riding on hard surfaces such as cycle ways and footpaths, I tend to use pressures around 25 psi, front and rear. For general mixed terrain, I would go for 15 psi on the front, with 17 psi on the rear. In soft conditions such as snow, sand and boggy terrain, I run 8 psi on the front and 10psi on the rear.

More coming soon.

  • Can I use some of your photographs?
  • Do you ride alone or with a group?
  • How much did your fat bike cost?
  • What is the specification of your Pugsley?

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